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Air-Ground Communications System (AGCS) Aircraft Data Gateway


The Astronautics AGCS is a secure air-to-ground modular data gateway with dual CPU architecture for hardware-partitioned access. AGCS provides:

  • Secure protection of critical avionics from non-authorized access through implementation of a modern cybersecurity framework

  • Wireless access to operational and maintenance data on the ground and also in flight when connected to a satellite communication system

  • Capability to send and receive data through a variety of communication channels

  • Ability to store and retrieve hundreds of hours of operational data within the system.

AGCS’ modular design is easily upgraded and consists of an airborne communication server (AFS 6400), wireless connectivity module (AFS 6460), remote media device (AFS 6480), and ground-server software (GSS 6000), creating a complete air-to-ground, secure data transmission system.

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