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BP5 EFB Retrofit

A Drop-in Replacement for BP4

Astronautics’ BP5 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) is the latest upgrade for the Boeing 787.  BP5 is a direct drop-in replacement for the BP4 EFB Electronics Unit (EU) featuring the latest in processor technology, a Windows 10 operating system, and the increased reliability of a solid state drive, resulting in faster application launches, reduced computation times, and faster database loading.

A BP5 retrofit on the 787 requires ZERO aircraft changes.  It is 100% backwards compatible with current BP4 EU installations, requiring:

  • No downtime for EU removal & replacement

  • No changes to rack, harness, wiring, or display units

The new BP5 EFB also has a modular design provisioned for mobile device integration, increased storage capacity, and future processor updates without replacing the entire EU.

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