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Mission & Display Processors

The Astronautics family of Mission & Display Processors (MDP) consists of high performance, advanced graphics processors configured to drive cockpit head down and head up displays, as well as mission system displays in special mission aircraft. An MDP is a modular device with single or multiple processors, enhanced with graphics acceleration, enabling it to drive multiple displays independently. The flexible design enables removal or addition of modules in order to tailor the system to the specific application.  The Astronautics MDP can drive up to four different stroke on raster displays or up to six different raster displays with monochrome or color video, as well as digital and high definition video. The modular software structure permits adaptation of the kernel to any specified application. The MDP provides two main functions: interface with other avionics systems of the aircraft to perform the Operational Flight Programs (OFP) and generation of symbology for the various displays in response to key aircraft parameters.

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